Our company specializes in the development and production of glass bending technologies with over twenty years of experience. Especially we have been enjoying high reputation for our leading high-tech of glass bending, such as our first launch of once moulding technology for circular, ellipses, polygons etc. So for meeting our clients demand, we began to improve our furnace and put into production and market. Our furnace contains a numbers of our company’s unique technology, with small investment, easy operation, lower energy consumble and higher pass-rate of production. Also, we transfer our technology with 3~6 days training for moulds making, heat bending and maintenance. Till now we have home users around the 10 provinces in China and have exported to Russia, Lebanon, Mongolia, India, Vietnam and other countries.

The feature of our furnace: composed of two chambers, with the vertical top-layer heating components. one chamber for heating, meanwhile the other chamber is convenient for loading moulds and feeding glass, or for cooling with a temperature keeping lid. The heating components are distributed controlled for adjusting the temperature in any of its parts to meet different needs. Temperature inspecting system is employed several windows on the furnace for observing the whole bending procedure. It can process glass as thick as 3~25mm to various type of shape with different type of moulds. We can produce any size of furnances according to your demand and design.